Fall Colors

Fall is here I think it is a time of Renewal and the Preview for the holidays. This year the Colors are more Vibrant and Bold, The Era of the 70s has Resurfaced, Leggings, Ankle Boots, Shearling Jackets, Mini Skirts. Here is the Fall Color Palette

Vibrant in Your 50s

In today’s world, Women over 50 are feeling younger and more Vibrant. That’s all well and good but we still have to keep our inner mechanics going also. So I decided to start Blogging about different topics that have I have been asked about. So join in and please feel free to ask questions !! No question is ever stupid I have done extensive research on Herbs and their uses. I am from the Jamaica and come from A lineage of Mid-Wives and Herbalists. I also have developed some Products of my own, I am also a licensed Cosmetologist. So join in the fun 50’s and lets Live !!!